I have a passion for great skin and my scars have always stopped me from feeling a hundred percent good about myself. I always felt like I had no confidence and I tried everything I could do get rid of my scars. 

While I was able to get rid my scars eventually and enjoy life fully, I realized that living with scars is the bane of many. I also made some friends on this journey who were as desperate as me to find a way to get rid of their scars.

This blog is our platform for sharing our knowledge of the latest in scar creams with others who have a concern for scar removal too.

A great many scar creams are available for buyers and new formulations are introduced regularly, leaving us all so very unsure of what is god and what is not.

With a couple of my friends, I will attempt to review all kinds of scar creams available in India and we will keep adding them to our list as regularly as possible.

We have also graded our reviews by budgets and several other categories so you can use this blog to be your guide in picking the right scar removal cream for you.

Please go through the posts on this site to find one that suits your requirements.

Your questions and feedback are most welcome.